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Can you eat a full english breakfast and still stay trim & healthy?

The popularity of the full english breakfast is perhaps down to one of the best marketing campaigns of all time.  As a result of declining sales of bacon during the 1920’s manufacturers turned to marketing guru Edward Bernay’s to help generate demand.  His idea was to conduct a survey asking Dr’s one simple question, “would you recommend a light breakfast, or a hearty one?”  When the results showed that a ‘hearty one’ was the most popular answer, he started a campaign promoting bacon and eggs as the breakfast of choice.  The rest as they say is history.

‘Coffee in the morning is fine.  It’s a good source of antioxidants.  Your choice of breakfast should include protein and some vegetables though.  Fruit is ok in the morning too … you want energy to last you throughout the day’



Boosting your metabolism is a sure fire way to increase weight loss and ultimately helps in getting in to better shape.  The issue is how do you do it?  There’s a vast amount of information available on the internet but there’s no need to go searching … because we’ve got it all here for you in these pages!  First of all let’s start with a definition of metabolism which in its basic form is “the speed that the body converts food into energy”  Of course the process is much more complicated than that but for our purposes it does the job.  Clearly speeding up your metabolism will result in your body making better and more efficient use of the food you put in it.  So now that we have that basic understanding what do you have to do to get your metabolism up to speed?


Do you want to burn excess fat, lose weight and/or tone up?  By taking a scientific approach you can achieve your goals faster and more efficiently!

Do you want to burn excess fat, lose weight and/or tone up?

We find that most our members are coming to the gym to achieve goals such as weight loss and muscle toning. Analysis of the type of work most gym members do to achieve these types of goals shows that a focus on exercise is prioritized, specifically cardio exercise performed using long steady efforts. Nutrition is generally not focused on much and where it is, in many instances details are focused on, such as avoiding a certain food, this is important but is second to having a strategy for fat burning and losing weight.