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Tight on time and heavy on weight?  Ok – not very subtle, but sometimes you need a kick up the backside to get you moving … try these 4 tips to get fat burning now!

Be honest with yourself.  Have you been a little bit naughty recently?  Have you let the pounds pile up?  Missed more than your fair share of workouts?  Or perhaps you’ve just not got around to doing any exercise at all!   If so then you need to whip that butt of yours into gear and get motivated again.  It’s not that long until Christmas and whilst all the other magazines will be leaving it until next issue to get you going … we are starting early!  Don’t worry … we’re only doing it because we care.  Follow these tips and you will be back in shape in no time at all.



There’s a good case for doing a little and often in terms of exercise.  No one is denying the benefits of some high intensity training however doing a little moderate intensity exercise when possible can make a real difference in fighting the effects of sedentary living.
There are other advantages for moderate exercise.  Certain target groups can benefit more from moderate intensity exercise and these groups include the middle aged or those who are medically obese.