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We’ve had a few questions today asking what levels of carbs you should be eating for breakfast.  The simple answer is that it depends on the activity you have planned for the day, and also on the type of carbs you consume.  If you are likely to be very active then you will benefit from eating more calories first thing, and consequently more carbs.



It’s important to stay ahead of the game in every area if you take your racquet sports seriously.  Even as someone who plays for fun you can improve your game with a few simple tips.  Hopefully these will provide a source of inspiration if you want to look in more details on the web!

1)    STAY HYDRATED: Even a 1% fall in your dehydration level can have a significant effect on performance.  Make sure you drink fluids before, during and after playing or training.  If you are dehydrated then you’ll fatigue early.

2)     EAT AFTER TRAINING: You should load yourself with some carbs within 15 to 45 minutes of finishing training or playing.  Try to eat a 3 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein.  A good shake or energy bar will maximise recovery.