Tony & Sarah relaxing in his home town of Sunderland

Tony lands a big right hand on Nathan King

At 24 years of age Tony Jeffries is well on the road to boxing success.  With an Olympic medal under his belt and a so far undefeated record as a pro, things are certainly looking up for the man they call the Mighty Mackem.  Dan Pearson took time out to chat to Tony about boxing, life, and his future plans which include a move to L.A

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Runkeeper is available on both iphone and android platforms -

This niftly little piece of software is a blessing for runners and app lovers alike.  Available on both the iphone and Android platforms this app is packed with functionality.  Although the feature list between the two operating systems differs slightly the core functions remain the same.  We’ve provded a list of the features for the iphone to the right, however the ability to set a target pace and have the device coach you is brilliant.  Another great feature is that you can set a distance for your workout and have audio cues let you know how are doing.  Statistic based motivation in your pocket.  Genius!  Not to mention that the app is very reasonably priced.  We loved it so much we bought an iphone just to use it on!  Visit for more information.

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Transcendent Hoody - RRP £145. Full review coming shortly!

The Transcendent Hoody™ has just the right combination of features; its just warm enough, just light enough, just compressible enough to keep you comfortably insulated and stuff away into a corner of your pack when not needed. The high quality 650+ down keeps you warm and toasty at the base of a rock climb, during a break on your ski tour or as a mid layer during a cold alpine climb or ski day. A favourite of the OR team, this hoody will be the one piece of gear that makes it on every adventure. You will get more use out of this piece than you thought was possible.

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Situated in an old church gives some great views and makes Newcastle Climbing Centre a must visit location!

If you’ve never been 60 feet up a vertical wall secured by a rope, relying completely on the person below for your personal safety then you really haven’t lived!  Welcome to the world of indoor climbing, which incidentally has become one of the fastest growing sports in the UK over the past few years.

Despite the appearance of danger, indoor climbing is actually a very safe sport.    It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro the environment is controlled, safe, and you are always under the guidance of professional climbers who make sure that safety is foremost in everything that you do.  That doesn’t take anything away from the sense of excitement though, as I soon found out.  Indoor climbing centres focus around artifical climbing walls which have grips placed at strategic points to create routes.  Good centres will vary these routes on a regular basis to keep your climbing techniques fresh and make you work harder, and of course there are different grades of routes to undertake as your climbing skills (and fitness) improve.  If you’ve never tried climbing previously then you will be amazed at just how hard a workout it actually is.  You use almost every muscle in the body.  Stretching and pulling your way up the wall works some key areas including your core muscles.  Not to mention it’s a pretty intense cardio workout too.  On top of that your balance will improve as you precariously edge your way up the wall and are forced into balancing, holding on, and thinking strategically about how to get yourself higher up!


Sunderland Wall has plenty of climbing space and the regions highest wall - if you've got the skills!

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Olympic trails show some really positive results of the Nexus garments in action!

As an editor and journalist one of the first things I do when reading through product press releases is read the testimonials.  Of course, sometimes these aren’t all they are cracked up to be but when you’ve got access to genuine testimonials from genuine people, they often give more than their fair share of information.  One caught my eye a few weeks ago and it was for Accepi’s Nexus Energy Source clothing … I’ll share it with you here.  “Recovery wise, I find Nexus particularly beneficial as I am a 75 year old active rock climber and suffer from general aches and pains, particularly in my legs as I suffer from arthritis.

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Run Geordie Run

Posted: November 7, 2010 in News
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Mark will be running 3100 miles across the USA for charity!

Since my Mother lost her brave battle against Cancer in 1995, I have been doing sponsored runs to raise funds for a local Hospice. I have tried very hard to repay the debt of gratitude I feel towards the Hospice and, to date, over £50,000 has been raised.  As each year has passed the events that I have done have grown longer and become more difficult, and with that, I have come to rely on a decent pair of running shoes.  During the Summer of 2007 I ran 874 miles from John O’Groats to Lands End in Brooks trainers, raising £34,108 for St Benedict’s Hospice. Since then, I have clocked up almost 2800 miles wearing out 6 pairs of Brooks shoes.  The thing I like most about my Brooks shoes are how comfortable they are. I remember when I first tried a pair on in Northern Runner in Newcastle. “Wow! They feel like slippers!” I remember thinking. I’ve tried a few different brands that, at the time I found very comfortable.

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The legendary Haile Gebrselassie chats about the Great North Run 2010 after yesterdays race!

The wonderful Nell Mcandrew ... who finished in a PB of 1h 26s ... congratulations Nell!!

Jake Wood ... a.k.a Max Branning from Eastenders ... one of the nicest guys we spoke to today. An absolute gent and very cheery despite the 13+ miles he had just run. Comments from Jake in the next issue!

Haile Gebrselassie, Gharib and Kimutai ... a fabulous 59m 33s finish for the greatest long distance runner ever!

The legendary Gebrselassie ... an amazing athlete and one of the nicest guys around. Even caught him making one of the Bupa staff a cup of tea in the press room!

Adere and Gebrselassie please the crowds with a wave and celebration at the end of a great run for both of them!

Sam and Mark from Pop Idol enjoy reading the best magazine in the North East ... well we would say that wouldn't we 😉

Edmond Wright, Jane Southall and Rachel Goodwin finish in circa 2h 41m

Dan Ciampolillo runs in trunks in an excellent time of 1h 37m ... passing Joe McElderry on his way to the finish (According to Dan's twitter account anyway!!)

Adere, Ducle-Felix and Barros pose for the camera at the end of their run .. the atmosphere at South Shields was fabulous as always!