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There’s a good case for doing a little and often in terms of exercise.  No one is denying the benefits of some high intensity training however doing a little moderate intensity exercise when possible can make a real difference in fighting the effects of sedentary living.
There are other advantages for moderate exercise.  Certain target groups can benefit more from moderate intensity exercise and these groups include the middle aged or those who are medically obese.


The Northeast of England can sometimes be the subject of bad press when it comes to being fit and healthy.  It doesn’t matter if its Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland or Hartlepool that is on the receiving end of the bad publicity the comments affect the region as a whole.  Despite the bad press the Northeast isn’t full of people with no interest in being fitter.  Of course there are regions where there are problems, and there are people who either don’t have the motivation or the inclination to get up and do something about it.  If you have too many people tell you, for too long, that you can’t lead a healthier lifestyle then all that publicity might end up with you thinking that’s the case.  Let me assure you it is not!

We are keen to work with northeast gyms, health clubs and fitness companies to promote better living in the Northeast.  It’s not about getting everyone to become a total fitness fanatic, although of course it’s good when people do get that enthusiastic!  It’s about education and motivation.  It’s about helping people find places and ways that can help them be fitter and healthier.  Its about making people see the benefits of doing it, rather than just continuing on the path they are on now.
We are actively targeting all the major health clubs chains, including David Lloyds, Fitness First, Total Fitness, Livingwell, Greens, DW Fitness and more with the aim of having them work with us to promote fitness across the region.  Of course health clubs aren’t the only way to get fit, and there are many free ways in which you can make a start on the road to a better and healthier life.  We will be guiding you there too, as well as featuring up coming events, training programs, workouts, and sports coverage.  If you have a business in the Northeast and you are passionate about helping the region to be a better and healthier place then maybe you can distribute copies of NE FIT magazine or participate in some other way.  Lets be positive about what the Northeast has to offer in terms of both living and fitness!!

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Bigger biceps can be yours with good technique and the right approach to training!

These tips can add up to  a good 1/2 inch on your biceps in just one month.  It’s not a routine and plan aimed at people who just want to tone up their arms, this one is there for those who want their muscles to have a bit more show.  We are still following the usual maxims of training hard, using correct form, eating well and getting enough rest.

1)      FREQUENCY: Your biceps are a small muscle in the body and they are used heavily in other exercises for a variety of body parts – making them more prone to over training than almost any other muscle in the body.  Muscles grow when they are well fed and rested and that means you have to train your biceps hard, but with the right amount of recovery time to aid growth.  In other words once a week is enough to prompt good growth but you need to train them hard during that session.


It’s important to stay ahead of the game in every area if you take your racquet sports seriously.  Even as someone who plays for fun you can improve your game with a few simple tips.  Hopefully these will provide a source of inspiration if you want to look in more details on the web!

1)    STAY HYDRATED: Even a 1% fall in your dehydration level can have a significant effect on performance.  Make sure you drink fluids before, during and after playing or training.  If you are dehydrated then you’ll fatigue early.

2)     EAT AFTER TRAINING: You should load yourself with some carbs within 15 to 45 minutes of finishing training or playing.  Try to eat a 3 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein.  A good shake or energy bar will maximise recovery.


The Gluteus Maximus is one of the largest muscles in the body.  The Glutes comprise 3 muscles and the Gluteus Maximus is the primary muscles determining the shape and size of the buttocks.  This powerhouse of a muscle anchors your torso, pelvis and legs.  You may not think about it but your bum is a key muscle in many sports including football, volleyball, rugby, and tennis.  Keeping them in good shape and good working order is both easy and crucial to avoid injury elsewhere in the body.