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Great looking, well made, and although not top of HH line up, performs well in most winter conditions.

This jacket have been on test with us for the past 6 weeks. At an afforable price we wanted to see how it stacks up in terms of value.




Runkeeper is available on both iphone and android platforms -

This niftly little piece of software is a blessing for runners and app lovers alike.  Available on both the iphone and Android platforms this app is packed with functionality.  Although the feature list between the two operating systems differs slightly the core functions remain the same.  We’ve provded a list of the features for the iphone to the right, however the ability to set a target pace and have the device coach you is brilliant.  Another great feature is that you can set a distance for your workout and have audio cues let you know how are doing.  Statistic based motivation in your pocket.  Genius!  Not to mention that the app is very reasonably priced.  We loved it so much we bought an iphone just to use it on!  Visit for more information.


Transcendent Hoody - RRP £145. Full review coming shortly!

The Transcendent Hoody™ has just the right combination of features; its just warm enough, just light enough, just compressible enough to keep you comfortably insulated and stuff away into a corner of your pack when not needed. The high quality 650+ down keeps you warm and toasty at the base of a rock climb, during a break on your ski tour or as a mid layer during a cold alpine climb or ski day. A favourite of the OR team, this hoody will be the one piece of gear that makes it on every adventure. You will get more use out of this piece than you thought was possible.