Get Lean in 4 Steps

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Feature
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Tight on time and heavy on weight?  Ok – not very subtle, but sometimes you need a kick up the backside to get you moving … try these 4 tips to get fat burning now!

Be honest with yourself.  Have you been a little bit naughty recently?  Have you let the pounds pile up?  Missed more than your fair share of workouts?  Or perhaps you’ve just not got around to doing any exercise at all!   If so then you need to whip that butt of yours into gear and get motivated again.  It’s not that long until Christmas and whilst all the other magazines will be leaving it until next issue to get you going … we are starting early!  Don’t worry … we’re only doing it because we care.  Follow these tips and you will be back in shape in no time at all.


As soon as you get into the gym get on those cardio machines and get burning calories.  Studies have shown that doing some cardio before a weight training session can help to burn up to half a meals worth of extra calories!


Interval training at high intensity will shift flab.  You want to be aiming for around 25 minutes of training.  Depending on how fit you are you might want to do a couple of minutes of moderate exercise (jogging) followed by a minute of high intensity exercise (running).  As you get fitter you can move towards a minute or jogging and a minute of sprinting.  Keep going at it for the full 25 minute session and watch those pounds fall away.

Heavy Heavy Heavy

When you are doing your weights routine go heavy.  Don’t mess about with those light weights and high number of reps.  Drop the weight to the point where you are struggling to hit 6 reps to 8 reps.  Then put maximum effort into every set.  Blasting your muscles with heavy weights will make your metabolism faster and force it to keep working long after your workout finishes.

Watch what you eat

No matter how hard you workout you won’t burn fat if you keep stuffing your face with treats!  Eat 5 or 6 small meals a day.  Fresh fish, chicken, turkey and some red meat, combined with vegetables is a good start.  Grill instead of fry, drink plenty of water, and don’t snack between meals.  If we’re not being too much of a killjoy then you could watch the portion size as well!



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